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Disabling and enabling rules

Hello everyone,
I have just started using language_check. Is there any way I can enable or disable certain rules? Also, is the spell check rule on by default? If not, please guide me to do so. Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure what you mean by that - is this something you downloaded from What exactly is the name of the command you’re calling? The options of our command-line client are documented here.

I am using language_check to flag errors in my text dataset. Now, I do not want language check to detect errors if it violates certain rules (u’EN_QUOTES’, u’COMMA_PARENTHESIS_WHITESPACE’, u’WHITESPACE_RULE’ in my case).
How do I pass the disable argument in the following code:

import language_check
tool = language_check.LanguageTool(‘en-US’)
matches = tool.check(text)

Maybe someone here knows that script, but it’s probably better to contact the author directly.

Yes, I found that. Sorry for the inconvenience.