Disappointing API limits for Premium

Some Premium rules are really useful, and one of the reasons why I decided to a Premium subscription is that I can check “Up to 150,000 characters per text field”… That sounded okay for my use case. But then I figured out that this number is not current when I check LaTeX documents in my editor (using ltex-ls). This relies on the API at LanguageTool HTTP API, which supports only up to 60,000 characters per request.

This is somewhat disappointing, at least. Of course, I can try to ensure that files are smaller, but 150,000 and 60,000 is a big difference and I feel somewhat cheated on. Ok, yes, it says, “text field” and I could have found the API docs earlier, but I also think it’s strange that the limit is different. Why should you be allowed more characters in the browser than using other request methods?

Hi, so I understand you have configured ltex-ls to use your email and API Key? If that’s the case, please contact our support (see here for the email), but all we can do is offer you a refund. ltex-ls would need to split the text into smaller chunks before sending it to the API.

Thanks for the prompt reply.


I see… Okay, I’m considering it, but I haven’t decided yet.

Ok, yes. However, that requires changes to ltex-ls, and then I suppose we’ll run into the minutely limit pretty quickly.

Edit: Maybe let me rephrase it as customer feedback, in the hope that this is helpful for the future: With small limits, paying for Premium is not clearly better than self-hosting (or using ls-ltex, which ships LT). Sure, you get better rules, but you also hit the limits quickly. The latter means you need to resort to starting checks manually/when the file is saved (instead of continuous checking), which is not a great UX. Overall, this makes me doubt that it’s worth paying.