Distracting LT Blue Checkmark Moves During Scrolling

I’ve noticed that the blue checkmark, in the composition window in Mastodon, moves up and down as I scroll up/down the page. It actually moves outside the window and is very distracting. link to screen capture here: Home - Vivaldi Social

Side note: Can the LT icon be something other than a blue checkmark - that’s already been taken :wink:
Windows 11
Vivaldi Browser 5.5

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Does on my Firefox, too.

Hello, may I ask how you were able to install LT on Vivaldi Browser ? Thanks.

Hello. LT just showed up on its own! I had it on Twitter too. No install needed. I have the LT browser extension installed, that’s it, though.

Thanks! I found my answer, I needed to enable the ‘Web Store’ checkbox under Privacy Settings. Only then I was able to install the LT extension.

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