Document cache mapping failed and high CPU usage with LibreOffice

After upgrade to 5.9, LibreOffice show a popup message with:

An error has occurred in LanguageTool 5.9 (2022-09-28 14:38:38 +0000):
Document chache failed:
Endnotes: 0/0
Footnotes: 0/0
Headers/Footers: 12/12
Shapes: 0/0
Tables: 1695/1695
Text: 594/596
Unknown: 16/14

This is popup very frequently. Annoying.

Plus, LO raise 130-200% of CPU usage. It is draining my CPU and memory until crash. It’s needed to force close LO.

LO usage is only possible after deactivate LanguageTool extension.

Does this also occur with the latest version,

These are known bugs in version 5.9. Please use version 6.0.