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Document language not supported

when I try to spell check I am getting this message.

I use multiple languages and I get the same message but with different language name. Something is wrong because I use major languages like English and German.
I’m on Win10, using x64 version of LibreOffice and x64 version of Java.

Any ideas?

Could you provide the text/document that triggers this message?

Hello, thanks for the reply.
Pretty much any document I open, even on blank empty doc when I start Libreoffice. Something is messed up…

Happy New Year!

Which version of LanguageTool do you use and which version of LibreOffice?

Maybe @Fred.Kruse has an idea what the issue might be.

Regarding LanguageTool version I think it is the latest, but being unable to open any dialog window from it I am unsure.