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Donation report for December and January


in late December, we started collecting donations for LT. Here’s a first report. The details are in this Google spread sheet, which I try to keep up to date:

  • in December, we had expenses of €52 and received donations of €23.84 (all but one were test donations, as we just had started)
  • in January, we had expenses of €52 and received 10 donations with a total value of €77.33. Donations ranged from 2 to €25. Most donors used PayPal, but the biggest single donation (€25) was a direct wire transfer.

A big thank to all donors!



Well, that’s not bad at all! At least the donations almost covered the hosting costs for the last two months. Let’s see how this works out.

Many, many thanks to the donors from a long-standing community member! Much appreciated. :slight_smile::thumbsup: