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Donation report for March 2017


we’ve received €50 of donations in March. Thanks to all the donators! You can find an overview in this spread sheet.

Our expenses have gone up to over €600, as we now have a student working on detecting errors using machine learning approaches. As this is the third month now in a row with about €50 of donations, this seems to be some kind of limit that is difficult to overcome without being more annoying to the users. Anyway, the gap between expenses and donations is currently closed by income I generate with ads on


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The ads are fine, not annoying at all.

For commercial users of LT, you could suggest a minimum donation (monthly or yearly) for each user in an organization.

For developers of products that use LT, you could suggest a minimum donation for each sale (possibly as a percentage of the sale value).

(Page shows expenses as 50 euros. The correct value is more than 600 euros. I suggest that you also add a list of things that you would like to do, but which will cost money.)

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Thanks, I’ve updated the page now. I also think a monthly donation would be good, but we need to offer something for that. I have plans about that, but it will take time.

Grammarly charges an arm-and-a-leg for the same product. In fact, your product is indistinguishable from theirs. Seriously, has anyone noticed this? Although I paid for a year’s worth of Grammarly, I plan to switch over to LT. I think if you’re running low on funds you need to offer a pro version for a fee. Just be cheaper than Grammarly!