Dynamic loading of language-* modules


I’ve developing GUI application OmegaT which uses LanguageTool 6.1 as optional dependency for users.
Currently, we bundle all the language-* modules with an application distribution as same as other depended libraries.

Because LanguageTool is not mandatory for running the application, I’d like to made language-* jar files as plugins and dynamic loading after starting the application.

When trial, I found LanguageTool-core does not recognize these class paths because it is initialized in static context. So I tried to use Languages.getOrAddLanguageByClassName to pass dynamic loaded org.languagetool.language.French of language-fr-6.1.jar but it raises ClassNotFound error.

The class org.languagetool.language.French can be loaded by this.class.getClassLoader().loadClass("org.langaugetool.language.French") successfully, so languagetool has special treatment for it.

I’m also trying custom ClassBroker definition that is

public static class ClassBrokerBroker implements ClassBroker {
    public Class<?> forName(String classname) {
        ClassLoader classloader = ClassBrokerBroker.class.getClassLoader();
        return classloader.loadClass(classname);

that load the class org.languagetool.language.French but it also raises ClassNotFound error for org.languagetool.language.tagger.fr.FrenchTagger class.

I’d like to contribute for improvement, I’ve start topic PR in feat: allow loading language-* module as plugins in application by miurahr · Pull Request #9447 · languagetool-org/languagetool · GitHub
to make things delayed to happened to make language list just when languagetool accessed.

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I must say I work on one language module only and having all languages as a required dependencies is often overkill and slows down the development and increases the size of the builds.
Being able to load languages dynamically or limit the language set quickly would be very helpful.

I agree.