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Edit Rules while working with omegaT

Solves with postag="

<suggestion><match no="1" postag="(D[AI]0FS0|NCFS000|AQ0FS0)" postag_regexp="yes"/> <match no="2"/></suggestion> ou <suggestion><match no="1"/> <match no="2" postag="(NCFP000|AQ0FP0)" postag_regexp="yes"/></suggestion>.

@marcoagpinto @matheuspoletto @dnaber

Before anything else, note that I also do not like the AO90 a single bit and I still write all personal notes in pre-AO style.
With that said… it as already passed 26 years since the changes were agreed upon, and those conventions are in use in all official documents for nearly a decade now, both in Brasil, Portugal and some of the other countries that signed the treaty.

In my local build I have changed the hyphenator to the Post Reform and added the hyphenized words from the official Natura Post-AO dictionaries to it. Dictionaries can also be trivially changed to post reform on your build, but it makes sense to change in the build.

If there is nothing against it I can push those changes to pointers, dictionaries and hiphenated word lists tomorrow. Today is a busy day and I have already sent yesterday a huge chunk of changes to be reviewed.