Emojis and header collapsing break LanguageTool in Google Docs and Discord

Premium LanguageTool user here. Using the Google Chrome extension inside Google Docs. In my observations, there are at least two things that break LanguageTool in Google Docs.

  1. Emojis: If I have an emoji, subsequent text until a few paragraphs don’t get any highlighting from LanguageTool. The tool does know the text is inaccurate as the number does go up if I write gibberish, but there’s no highlighting or underlining.


  1. Collapsing some headers will cause random paragraphs to lose highlighting. In pageless mode, we can collapse headers (h1, h2, h3 etc). If I collapse one of the headers, some random text around the collapsed section will lose highlighting from LanguageTool. Again, LanguageTool keeps correct count of mistakes but without highlighting.


After collapsing:

  1. This is not related to the Google Docs but Discord. LanguageTool doesn’t highlight text which is in blockquotes. So, any text following the ‘>’ symbol.

Thanks for the report. I couldn’t reproduce the first two issues, could you maybe share a document that shows the problem?

About ignoring block quotes: that’s by design, as we assume it’s the more sensible behavior in most cases.