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[en] AE/BE "purse"

When writing British English, LanguageTool does not accept the word “purse” stating that it is an American expression. I may be wrong but if I understand Cambridge Dictionary correctly, the word is used in both regions. In the US it describes a handbag and in the UK it describes a wallet.

Fixed (

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Thanks! I’ve found many more words in that file that shouldn’t be there because they can be used in BE, only with a different meaning. I’ve just added my first Pull Request for them and hope I did everything correctly (this is all really new to me).

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Thank you, much appreciated!

For the future: If I find a problem that I can’t fix myself, should I post it here in the forum or should I post an issue to GitHub?

The issue tracker is usually a better place for serious issues that cannot be fixed in a few minutes.

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