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[en] Compounds.txt - 2020-05-29

Hello @Mike_Unwalla @tiff

I have extracted from the GB dictionary a list of compound words for the English compounds.txt.

It has 7658 words.

Notice that most of them were already in the GB dictionary before I forked it in 2013.

Please check them before adding because I have noticed in several on-line dictionaries that they suggest non-hyphen in lots of them, but right now I am focusing in adding plurals and possessives to nouns.

Removing hyphens in the dictionary is in my TO-DO list but it will still take months for plurals and possessives which mean that this year probably it won’t be possible for me to check all hyphenated words.

:slight_smile: (29.4 KB)

@marcoagpinto, I will leave this to @tiff, because he does a lot of work with compounds.

@marcoagpinto thanks! I will have a look very soon