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[En] Disabling default checkers and enabling LanguageTool

Hi all,

So we were trying to setup LanguageTool on our local environments. And have successfully installed everything that is needed.

However, we got stuck at one point. We have a Centos 7 server, and we are unable to verify whether the rules like auto spell checking etc. are enabled or not.

After going through some of of the posts in the forum we found the following where instructions are given to disable Lightproof checker and enable LT.

However, we would like to have some scripts to run on our Centos server to disable LIGHTPROOF checker and enable HUNSPELL_RULES.
So is it possible that you share some of those scripts or any documentation for achieving the same.


Are you using standalone version LT or extension for LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice?

We are using the stand-alone version. Basically we need some setup instructions in scripts format as Centos does not give us the various easy-to-use setup wizards.

This applicable for configuration LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice only, not for LT standalone version.

You can use command-line options to run standalone version: