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[en] False positive 2018-06-07

Hello @Mike_Unwalla

The quote in this particular case in management means: "Know the competition and your software, and you will win."

LT suggests replacing “know” with “now”.

Hi @marcoagpinto, thanks.

  1. The message is “Statistics suggest…” I don’t know how to manually override the suggestions.

  2. In “Know the competition…”, the verb is imperative. (Compare with “Open the door” and “Close the window”.) The verb ‘know’ is not usually used in the imperative. (One of my grammar books gives “Know the answer!” as an example of what not to write or say.) In standard English, the sentence is, “If you know the answer…”


The same happens with:
“For those who have known me for decades know that I have taken the commitment of helping mankind to progress.”

Just thought of something that should (theoretically) fix this (and other) problem(s):

Have LT test the result of a suggestion for grammatical-correctness.
(“Now the competition and your software, and you will win.” is without a doubt incorrect, so that should tell LT that the rule does not apply.)