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[en] False positive and false negative in English rule TO_TOO

The English rule TO_TOO needs refinement.
See this screenshot of LanguageTool in Vim:

LT gives a false error in the 1st sentence (It is near to impossible to achieve.)
LT gives does not find the error in the 2nd sentence (It is near too impossible to achieve).

The false error is a regression introduced by:

commit 0272f9e5c05ee8e0b299386ce539ef723d38638e
Author: Christopher Blum
Date:   Tue Jan 7 12:29:50 2020 +0100

    [en] add, enable and improve rules (partially integrated some antipatterns of #2276)

Thanks for reporting this, @Dominique_PELLE.
I’ll take care. Could you remove my email address from your post, so no spambot is capturing it? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: