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[En GB] Wrong Result

If I check the following text in the language English (British), I get for every word after “eta_i” that it is a possible spelling mistake. The text is

eta_i This is a long test.

@Mario, I cannot reproduce that problem. Please give more information.

I tested it with the online version of LanguageTool at the website and every single word in my example is marked as a spelling mistake. The same is true for the offline version for Windows 10, which I downloaded this morning (LanguageTool 3.5 (2016-09-30 09:59)).

Please tell me, which additional information I should provide you.

@Mario, I am sorry. I can reproduce the problem on the standalone version of LT. Also, I see the problem with the online version.

The behaviour of the online version is a different from the behaviour of the stand-alone version. In the online version, if I remove eta_i and check the text, the incorrect warnings are not shown. But, in the stand-alone version, after I remove eta_i and check the text, the errors remain.

If I change eta_i, say to eta_b, there are no false warnings with the subsequent text.

The problem occurs only with BrE, not with the other variants of English.

@danielnaber, please can you investigate this problem?

This is tricky to debug. On 2016-09-23, @Yakov has changed fsa.dict.separator to _. Yakov, might this be related?

I’ve created an issue at

This is strange result, because

eta+i This is a long test.

did not incorrect result for other variants of English.