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[en] New English Rule (sign into/sign in to)

“Sign into” is incorrect, it should be “sign in to”.

<!-- English rule, 2016-10-17 -->
<rule id="CONFUSION_OF_SIGN_INTO" name="confusion of sign into/sign">
 <message>Write <suggestion>sign in to</suggestion> when your intention is to write <suggestion>log in to</suggestion> or <suggestion>log on to</suggestion> some website or computer.
 Write <suggestion>sign in to</suggestion>, <suggestion>log in to</suggestion> or <suggestion>log on to</suggestion> instead.</message>
 <short>Grammatical Mistake.</short>
 <example correction='sign in to'>Please <marker>sign into</marker>Firefox.</example>
 <example>Please sign in to Firefox.</example>

Please modify accordingly and add it to the repository.

Done (refer to

@Mike_Unwalla , Thanks!