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[en] New Rule (proper noun misspelt as gmail)

Gmail is an email service provided by Google. Since Google is a Body corporate, it’s essentially a Proper Noun. We should consider writing Gmail instead of writing gmail.

<!-- English rule, 2016-10-18 -->
<rule id="PROPER_NOUN_CAPITALISE_THE_FIRST_LETTER_WRITE_GMAIL" name="Proper noun. Capitalise the first letter. Write Gmail.">
 <pattern case_sensitive='yes'>
 <message>Proper noun. Capitalise the first letter. Write <suggestion>Gmail</suggestion>.</message>
 <short>Possible spelling mistake: Write Gmail.</short>
 <example correction='Gmail'>You are not signed in to <marker>gmail</marker></example>

Please add it to LT.

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Thanks for the rule, but these single-word rules are a better fit for the spell checker. You can report cases like these at and

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Thank you sir,
I will try to open an issue on GitHub regarding these spelling mistakes.

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Fixed (


I didn’t do anything with ‘Google’, because that is both a proper noun (the company) and an adjective (the trademark). Informally, people use ‘google’ as a verb.

Maybe spelling should be combined with postags for words like these. But that would also require a very good disambiguator. Maybe as a confusion pair?