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[en] Possible false positive - 2019-02-05

The sentence:
“Force a refresh in the site if the previous page is in cache.”
generates a false positive in “a refresh”

I believe it should be “on the site”, but neither that nor comma separating the conditional solve the false positive.
“Force a refresh on the site, if the previous page is in cache.”

Actually, I would thing ‘of’ would be more correct. But we had better consult a native speaker.

@marcoagpinto, in standard English, ‘refresh’ is a verb, not a noun (refer to item 3 in the message). Oxford ( shows the word as a noun, but only in the context of computing.

Probably, the best solution is to add ‘refresh’ as a noun AND make a rule to say, ‘not a standard verb; use only in the context of computing’. But, I don’t have time to do that.

As for the questions about the preposition: ‘a refresh of/on/in the site’ all seem OK to me. ‘Of’ implies all of the site, ‘in’ implies a part of the site, and ‘on’ is used for all things webby (on Facebook; on the web).

As an alternative until we resolve the issue about refresh being a noun, we can use reload as an alternative to refresh :wink:

“Force reload the site if the previous page is in cache” should be okay I think, but it is giving me another suggestion for “reload”:

The singular proper name ‘Force’ must be used with a third-person or a past tense verb: “reloads”, “reloaded”.

Not sure if “force” is a “singular proper name” in this instance…

P.S @marcoagpinto spotted you in the wild again :slight_smile:

“Force-reload the site, if the previous page is in cache.”
“Force-refresh the site, if the previous page is in cache.”
A single hyphen seems to be all that’s needed to get LT to play nice.

It isn’t. But the message that I see in LT 4.4 and 4.5 snapshot is this:
Consider using third-person verb forms for singular and mass nouns: reloads.

I think I am using LT 4.4 (local server), I saw that message in the addon for Firefox.

Could you please make a bug report on for this problem? Then, someone who knows about the Firefox add-on can investigate. Thanks.

I have forgotten the context of the text that I was writing that in, without that the bug report would probably be useless. So I am afraid someone else has to re-discover this issue on their own.