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[en] Possible false positive 2019-10-28


This triggers a false alarm:
“I believe so, since I also tried to open it with a double-click.”

Tried with the Firefox browser add-on.

It flags “a double-click”.

Confirm: Double-click is a noun as well as a verb.

These dictionaries show ‘double-click’ only as a verb:


Can’t an exception be made in LT?

“open the file with a double-click”

It seems correct English to me.


Not true: Merriam-Webster shows it as both. (or your definition of verbal noun must be wonky)

@SkyCharger001, in Merriam-Webster, I found “double click” (no hyphen) as a noun.

@marcoagpinto, yes, of course it is possible to add the term to LT as a noun. But, I am wary of adding terms unless I can find a reputable reference.

I will add a rule that suggests replacing “double-click” with “double click” when used as a noun.