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[en] Postag for ordinal numbers?

I am developing a Premium rule IN_NN_IN. The rule gives an incorrect warning on ‘fifth’ for the sentence “He came in fifth in the race.”

I am not sure about the best way do deal with ordinal numbers (first, second, third,…) In LT, there is no postag for ordinal numbers.

These dictionaries show ordinal numbers as adverbs:

Possible solutions:

  • In grammar-premium4.xml, add an entity for ordinal numbers.
  • In disambiguation.xml, add a rule and apply a new postag for ordinal numbers (say ORD).
  • In added.txt, add RB to the ordinal numbers (say to ninety-ninth). ‘first’ is already in added.txt
  • In added.txt, add ORD to the ordinal numbers (say to ninety-ninth). This seems to work, but I have not done extensive tests.

What are your thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

Good idea!
I have added ORD:

@Knorr, thanks!