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[En] Preposition rule: guilty of

I’ve created a new preposition rule: “guilty of”.
In some sentences “guilty about” is correct, though.
There are other glitches, but I didn’t get time to refine the rule.
You may consider changing it later, meanwhile, this is the what I have for now.

<!-- English rule, 2017-04-17 --> <rule id="GUILTY_OF" name="guilty of"> <pattern> <token>guilty<exception regexp='yes'>.|,</exception></token> <token negate='yes'>of</token> </pattern> <message>Did you mean: <suggestion>guilty of</suggestion>? (Incorrect preposition)</message> <example correction='guilty of'>If you are offended by my posts, then you are <marker>guilty about</marker> something.</example> <example>If you are offended by my posts, then you are guilty of something.</example> </rule>

Thanks, but I will not add the rule in its current state, because there are too many false warnings, as these examples show

Guilty! Judge Jones exclaimed.
I am guilty. Sorry.
The defendant was found guilty.
John is the guilty party in this affair.
I don’t feel particularly guilty about rejecting this rule.
Former officer John Doe pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court.
He pleaded guilty to arson.