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[en] Rule missing - 2018-06-06

Hello @Mike_Unwalla

I pasted this sentence into MS Word 2016:
“In some cases we will have to start from a long-time gone position, the last known clean text version of the dictionary.”

It suggested to add a comma after “cases”.

I tried LT Plus and it didn’t detect the missing punctuation.

Is it possible to improve it?


Are you sure it is needed there? While reading out loud, there is no pause, or is there?

I am not sure, but MS Word reported it as a grammar error, that is why I posted here.

Hi @Ruud_Baars , You can use a comma after ‘cases’. That’s my preference. Recommended by Kohl in the ‘Global English Style Guide’ section 4.5.3. Some well-respected writers do not always use a comma for this type of adverbial. Here are some examples from the Economist, May 12-18 2008, some with a comma, some without:

In the past four decades average house prices in Britain …
On May 7th hundreds of officials gathered in the ballroom of the …
Just two months ago Malcolm Turnbull came within a whisker of winning parliament’s approval for…
Two years ago, if you had asked experts to identify the …
In the spring of 1991, Indian officials desperate to fend off a balance-of-payments crunch…

Hi @marcoagpinto, for improvements to LT Plus, you need to ask @danielnaber.

Hi Mike,

I don’t know if it is an improvement for LT Plus only.

Due to the fact that LT Plus has more English rules than the free version, I now try to check my text in Word 2016.

You might be correct. But I dislike copying rules from copyrighted sources anyway. Unless there is permission :wink: