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[en] SI units of measurement and spelling

I want to make a large addition to the spelling rules and the postags. Although I can partly automate the task, there’s a lot of work, which will be wasted if there are objections after I do the work. Thus, I ask for your comments now.

For spelling, LT correctly ignores only a very small number of SI units of measurement when they are combined with a prefix or a suffix such as ‘mega’, ‘pico’ and so on ( For example, I get spelling errors for these words: picoliter, femtoliter, megameters femtometers, and picosievert. Also, these words do not have postags.

LT ignores adjectives such as ‘10-megohm’, ‘5-microgramme’, and ‘7-centimetre’ (section 5.3.3 in But, for gramme/gram, litre/litre, metre/meter, the LT spelling rules do not find terms that are used incorrectly such as 10-litre in American English.

I want to these things:

  • Add postags for all the SI units of measurement.
  • Add locale-specific spelling for Ame and BrE

Can you think of any reasons not to do these things?

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I’ve seen some cases where “gramme” was used to denote that the product is British Recipe as opposed to Dutch Recipe (means less extra writing than directly noting it), but the same could be true with British vs American.

@SkyCharger001, thanks.I have seen similar behaviour with the titles of books and articles.

The spelling rules that I will add will not stop LT from finding this type of conflict. The rules will stop the false positive warnings for correct spellings for the selected locale.

The spelling rules and the postags for nouns are done.To avoid complex rules, the grammar rules for the adjectives do not contain suggestions.

I did not add rules to make postags for adjectives such as ‘3-gramme’,