EN "The genitive (’s) may be missing" noise

We see a lot of hits for “The genitive (’s) may be missing,” where we don’t think it’s a legitimate issue.

Examples (‘word’ shown in bold):

  • Medtronic personnel will instruct users in any use or manipulation of manual vent valve.
  • Stent thrombosis ARC definite/probable
  • Stent deformation, collapse, or fracture
  • Stent migration or embolization
  • Stent diameter: 2.25 – 4.0 mm
  • Stent retrieval methods (for example, use of additional wires, snares and/or forceps) may result in additional trauma to the coronary vasculature and/or the vascular access site.
  • Bluetooth connection to the tablet
  • Medtronic family of generators

etc. etc.

I know we can disable the rule, but presumably this rule is there to do some kind of good. I skimmed through the first 1000 hits, and didn’t see anything I thought was an actual issue. Are we the only ones that think this rule could use a tweak?

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Hi Micah, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply. Most of these cases should be fixed now.

Great to hear, thanks. We’re going to try and pick up the latest and greatest for our August release.