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[en] Update English Dictionaries



Could someone update the English spellers?:

I believe they should be updated at least twice a year, around every six months.


Which country variant of the dictionary needs to be updated? en_GB?
The country variant en_ZA of the dictionary has not been updated for a long time.

Hello Yakov,

US+CA+AU+GB :slight_smile:

Hi @marcoagpinto , for now, I will let @Yakov deal with this update. I do not know how to do the work.

For my future reference, do you mean, do the tasks that are in ‘Building a spell checker dictionary’ (

Yes, I will do a test dictionary tomorrow.

Hi @marcoagpinto , can you test new en_GB spellchecker dictionary?



How do I test it?

Do I download it and copy it to a folder inside the stand-alone tool?


Yes, I downloaded it and copied to the stand-alone tool.

I tried the word “autometamorphism” before and after and it no longer appears as a typo.

This means it has worked!

Could you do the same to US + CA + AU?


Hi Marco,
I updated the en_GB dictionary:

I’ll do a test dictionary for US + CA + AU tomorrow.

Thank you, Yakov!

Hi @marcoagpinto , can you test new US + CA + AU spellchecker dictionaries?



I have just tested them in the stand-alone tool.

I wrote there:
“A colour”.

It was flagged in the US only.

In the GB+CA+AU it wasn’t flagged.

Does this mean that CA + AU use “colour” just like in GB?

I always thought that their English was American.

Existing and new dictionaries work the same way.
The word “colour” is considered an error for en_US only.


Hi Marco,
Will we update these new US + CA + AU dictionaries in GitHub?

Yes, of course.

The dictionaries there are the most recent versions available.

The repository was created to make it easier for developers to find all in one place :slight_smile:

Hi Marco,
I can’t update en_AU dictionary because it new version missing words like “café”. It contains only “cafe”.
And it fails LT tests.

Dictionaries for US + CA are updated successfully.

Yes, that happens because Kevin Atkinson is very picky.

The old en_AU wasn’t maintained any more, so we are using Kevin’s version.

But, like I mentioned, he is very severe adding words :frowning: