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[en] Update English Dictionaries

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #1



Could someone update the English spellers?:

I believe they should be updated at least twice a year, around every six months.


(Yakov) #2

Which country variant of the dictionary needs to be updated? en_GB?
The country variant en_ZA of the dictionary has not been updated for a long time.

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #3

Hello Yakov,

US+CA+AU+GB :slight_smile:

(Mike Unwalla) #4

Hi @marcoagpinto , for now, I will let @Yakov deal with this update. I do not know how to do the work.

For my future reference, do you mean, do the tasks that are in 'Building a spell checker dictionary' (

(Yakov) #5

Yes, I will do a test dictionary tomorrow.

(Yakov) #6

Hi @marcoagpinto , can you test new en_GB spellchecker dictionary?

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #7



How do I test it?

Do I download it and copy it to a folder inside the stand-alone tool?

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #8


Yes, I downloaded it and copied to the stand-alone tool.

I tried the word "autometamorphism" before and after and it no longer appears as a typo.

This means it has worked!

Could you do the same to US + CA + AU?


(Yakov) #9

Hi Marco,
I updated the en_GB dictionary:

I'll do a test dictionary for US + CA + AU tomorrow.

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #10

Thank you, Yakov!

(Yakov) #11

Hi @marcoagpinto , can you test new US + CA + AU spellchecker dictionaries?

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #12



I have just tested them in the stand-alone tool.

I wrote there:
"A colour".

It was flagged in the US only.

In the GB+CA+AU it wasn't flagged.

Does this mean that CA + AU use "colour" just like in GB?

I always thought that their English was American.

(Yakov) #13

Existing and new dictionaries work the same way.
The word "colour" is considered an error for en_US only.

(Yakov) #14


Hi Marco,
Will we update these new US + CA + AU dictionaries in GitHub?

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #15

Yes, of course.

The dictionaries there are the most recent versions available.

The repository was created to make it easier for developers to find all in one place :slight_smile:

(Yakov) #16

Hi Marco,
I can't update en_AU dictionary because it new version missing words like "café". It contains only "cafe".
And it fails LT tests.

Dictionaries for US + CA are updated successfully.

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #17

Yes, that happens because Kevin Atkinson is very picky.

The old en_AU wasn't maintained any more, so we are using Kevin's version.

But, like I mentioned, he is very severe adding words :frowning: