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[en] Using example sentences from The Oxford Dictionary

Hello, everyone! I’m thinking of using a few example sentences from the online Oxford dictionary. Somebody in my locality told me not to use their examples directly without modification. If there is a legal restriction in place, please let me know that. But they (Oxford University Press) have a comprehensive set of examples with very authentic usages of the words.
Waiting for your opinion.

However, I found a few links that can be of some help in the meantime. These are as follows:
list of prepositional phrases [Google search]

Can I use their examples or at least as a reference to the URL in my rule?

We must obey all the laws about copyright. Look on the websites to see what their policies are about using their content. Some websites do not permit you to use ‘deep links’ to their website without permission.

Thanks! I will modify the sentences or use alternative choices and never use their deep links in my rule. I think it’s okay.