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[en] Wrong word in the speller.txt 2017-07-22



The .txt has the words:

But Oxford dictionaries say that the plural of mitzvah is mitzvoth.

You can only see the plural in Oxford with a Gold Account.

I’ve just checked myself,
Mitzvahs and mitzvoth both directly links to mitzvah.
while mizvot and other misspellings simply bring up a search page.

this means (to me) that while mitzvoth is the preferred plural, mitzvahs is an acceptable (if laymanish) alternative.

(using both could help a story differentiate between a character who is an actual Jew and one who merely has a passing interest as the pronouncement seems to be different)

@marcoagpinto, fixed (

As @SkyCharger001 wrote, both mitzvah and mitzvoth are accepted as plurals of mitzvah. Also, mitzvot is a plural. References:

I added mitzvoth and mitzvot, because both are correct. Which of the three plurals a person uses is an editorial decision.