enable only one single rule

I am trying to correct a number of texts using the local LT server. However, when I try to run the following Code still all rules are applied and not only the GERMNA_SPELLER_RULE as specified in the params:

# Define the URL of the LanguageTool server
server_url = "http://localhost:8081/v2/check"

# Define the text to be checked
text = text

# Define the parameters for the HTTP POST request
params = {
    "language": "de-DE",  # Specify the language (change if you're testing another language)
    "text": text,  # The text to be checked,
    "enabledRules" : "GERMAN_SPELLER_RULE",
    "enabledOnly": True

# Send the HTTP POST request to the LanguageTool server
response = requests.post(server_url, data=params)

# Parse the response JSON
result = response.json()

Could you send a curl call to reproduce this?