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Enabled / disabled rules in LT server


Currently, a LT server can be run using a languagetool.cfg file for setting enabled and disabled rules. But in this server when you use enabledRules and disabledRules via API, the rules in languagetool.cfg are forgotten.



I need another behavior. I need the default rules in the configuration file to be remembered (as a new “default”) and the enabledRules/disabledRules to be added to this “new default”. I think this behavior is more reasonable.

Is it OK to implement it? I can try to do it myself, but the logic of enabled and disabled rules is getting complicated, and I am not sure how it will affect other parts of the program. (Does the stand-alone LT use this code?)

I agree that the behavior you suggest sounds more sensible, so feel free to implement it. If you do, it should be the only behavior, i.e. there shouldn’t be a mode that still offers the old behavior. Does anybody remember why we implemented it the way it currently is?

Done here: