Enabled rules vs. Picky mode

Using the Java project, is it possible to explicitly enable a “picky” rule (like SERIAL_COMMA_ON) without enabling all of picky mode? Looking through the code, it looks like all Picky rules are filtered out unless level == Picky - but it would be nice to be able to specify one or two picky rules without enabling all of them.

Does the current codebase allow for that somehow?

Doesn’t JLanguageTool.enableRule() override picky rules being deactivated?

Thanks for looking! It’s possible I’m using the wrong check method, but they all seem ultimately derived from checkInternal, which has this line within getActiveRulesForLevel, seemingly filtering out any Picky rules unless the level is not the default:

return RuleSet.textLemmaHinted(l == Level.DEFAULT ? allRules.stream().filter(rule -> !rule.hasTag(Tag.picky)).collect(Collectors.toList()) : allRules);

I’d be open to using a different Level I suppose, which might also get around this filter.

Probably picky mode was introduced without considering this… Pull requests to fix this are welcome.

Understood - I will see if I can get that put together. Thanks again.