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enabledCategories not working

Hello everybody, I hope someone can help me.
I am having problems using the API. I want to get only the errors in the Style category as listed here:

I’m calling it from a Python script passing the following arguments

r =, data = {‘text’: ‘Text goes here’, ‘language’: ‘en’, ‘enabledCategories’:‘STYLE’, ‘disabledRules’:‘EN_QUOTES,WHITESPACE_RULE,COMMA_PARENTHESIS_WHITESPACE,SENTENCE_WHITESPACE’, ‘enabledOnly’:True})

However the response JSON file still shows me errors from other categories such as GRAMMAR and TYPOS.
How can I check only for style errors? Is my API call wrong?

Thanks for your attention

Can you reproduce with!/default/post_check? I get Error: You cannot specify disabled rules or categories using enabledOnly=true with your example.

Thanks for your answer, I didn’t think of checking the API website.

I got the same error, I’ll think of another way of doing it.
However, my API call from my script was successful, which I don’t understand.

I’ll keep looking into it.