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[English] New rule for dialectal "needs fixed" type construction

This is a common construction in some dialects, and unacceptable in others, so it really should be covered.
See here, here, and here.
I’ve made an attempt at a rule for it, but it won’t catch everything, and may give false positives when a noun is interpreted as the first verb (e.g. “had their needs met”).

<rule id="ID" name=""Needs fixed" type construction.">    
      <token regexp='yes'>(needs|wants|requires|needed|wanted|required)</token>
      <token postag='VBN'></token>
     <message>"<match no="1" case_conversion="startupper"/> <match no="2"/>" is only accepted in certain dialects. For something more widely acceptable, try "<match no="1"/> <match no="2" regexp_match="ed$" regexp_replace="ing"/>" or "\1 to be <match no="2"/>".</message>
     <example correction=''>My car needs <marker>fixed</marker>.</example>
     <example>My car needs to be fixed.</example>
     <example>My car needs fixing.</example>

(I notice that the rule editor doesn’t escape double quotation marks, so I’m guessing my rule won’t work without fixing those first.)

Thanks a lot for your contribution. I’ve added this rule, so it will become active tonight at

This is a good idea for a rule. I added it in my LT. It reminds me the double quotation marks of “Needs fixed” should be delete.