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[eo] Consistency of spelling

I just noticed that a rule got activated for Dutch, which checks if words are consistently spelled. I think this might also be a good idea for Esperanto. What do you think @Dominique_PELLE? And is it possible to use regular expressions in this file?

I could think of the following few rules, that might be useful:

#consistent country name suffixes: -io or -ujo (still needs to be expanded with more country roots)

#consistent casing for month names

#consistent usage of a certain word



Hi Robin

I’m not familiar with what you call “consistency of spelling”.
Which rule would that be in Dutch or in other language?

Glancing at your message, it looks like this would find inconsistencies
such as as writing “Anglio kaj Francujo”, more consistent would be
"Anglio kaj Fancio" or “Anglujo kaj Francujo”.
Did I understand that correctly?
Would that work when the 2 inconsistent words are in the same sentence, paragraph or in the entire text being checked?

Go for it it :slight_smile:

I mean the rule discussed in this topic

And yes, you did understand it correctly. I think this might also be possible with a coherency.txt file. It should check it in the entire text. :slight_smile:

As far as I understood, it is just word to word, no regexp. Would be great though!

I think it would also be a great idea for Dutch if it could support regular expressions. If you write “hivinfectie” and “hiv-infecties” in one text it, it should probably suggest changing one of those two words.

Yes, it would. Same for a lot of other word, like BTW and btw, b.v. and bv, But it does not do so now. So I just added a lot of hiv-pairs to test it. But the change did not get live this evening. Try again tomorrow.