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Error in detecting NNS and VBZ

(Praneet Khandelwal) #1

I found the following error.
I wanted to determine the approximate time taken for each production steps.

The parser has tagged the last word 'steps' as only VBZ and not as NNS. Whereas even if I replaced it with 'trees', it identified it as VBZ.
It worked correctly if the last word was 'cars'.
If anyone knows the fallacy, let me know.

(Daniel Naber) #2

You can use - the disambiguator log will show what's going on and point to the disambiguation rule that might need to be improved.

(Praneet Khandelwal) #3

Disambiguator log:
VBD_VBN -> wanted[want/VBD,B-VP]
TO_VB_PRP -> to[to/TO,I-VP]
TO_VB_PRP -> determine[determine/VB,I-VP]
DT_JJ_NN_JJ -> approximate[approximate/JJ,approximate/VBP,I-NP-singular]
DT_JJ_NN_JJ -> approximate[approximate/JJ,I-NP-singular]
DT_JJ_NN_NN -> time[time/NN:UN,E-NP-singular]
AN_NN_VBZNNS -> steps[step/VBZ,E-NP-plural]

The last disambiguator rule requires to be improved.

(Mike Unwalla) #4

Partly fixed (

Although the disambiguation is better, the grammar rules do not give a message for the incorrect inflection 'steps' in "..the approximate time taken for each production steps."

The rule does not disambiguate "Each man walks quickly." I guess that is related to the exception in the second token. But, I don't understand the exception and thus have not changed it.