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Error not detected by LT in LibreOffice in French

No error is detected by in the following sentences in LibreOffice :

une vache laitières
Un atlas chers.
Un camion très lourds.
Une vaches laitières
Il est parti au États-Unis pour étudier.
Une fautes.

but these are exemples where an error should be detected :
Exemples given on LT Website


I just tried your sentences and LanguageTool could detect all your errors. I tried the command line version within vim (see screenshot) as well as the web demo. I did not try LibreOffice yet as I don’t have it right now, but I will try soon. Most certainly LibreOffice will detect the errors too. Could it be that you did not select the French language for the text in LibreOffice? Are other errors detected?


thank you for your answer.
But up to now it does not help.
I don’t have any problem with the command line version or with th webdemo, but only with LibreOffice.
Yes the French language is selected.
Yes other errors are detected.

Maybe you accidentally turned off that rule in the configuration? It’s called singulier suivi du pluriel in the Grammaire category.

Yes !
That was it.
Problem solved.
Thank you very much !