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Error when launching LanguageToolCheck on VIM

Hi everybody,

I installed LanguageToolCheck as explained here and when I launch LanguageToolCheck into VIM I have the following error:

Erreur détectée en traitant function 8_LanguageToolCheck :
ligne 32 :
Command [java -jar /home/bboissie/LanguageTool/LanguageTool-2.3/languagetool-com
mandline.jar -c utf-8 -d WHITESPACE_RULE,EN_QUOTES -l en --api /tmp/vDyXZCn/0] f
ailed with error: 1

Could someone please explain to me what is wrong with my computer?
I will be very pleased to know!

Goodbye and thank you for any answers

What happens if you execute this on the command line?

java -jar /home/bboissie/LanguageTool/LanguageTool-2.3/languagetool-commandline.jar

If it doesn’t work, maybe Java is not in your path or it’s not Java 7.