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Error While Adding LT Extenion 4.1 to LibreOffice 6

Hi All,

I am working on LibreOffice 6 in openSUSE Leap-42.3.
I have a problem with LT 4.0 and 4.1 for the LibreOffice-6.
Whie installing any of the two versions of LT extensions through the Extension Manager, I get the following error message:

( { { Message = “javaloader error - could not find class com/sun/star/comp/loader/JavaLoader”, Context = ( @0 } }

OpenJDK 8 Runtime Environment is already installed

Help would be most appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

Randhir Phagura

guess: perhaps these versions are too dependent on oracleJDK specific components.

Have you checked

Hi Daniel Naber,

Yes. After visiting that site only, I came here. They also recommend Oracle Java 8. But Java 8 environment in openSUSE is built-in. I am not anexpert in this field. But would be glad to know how to install Oracle Java 8 on my machine.


Randhir Phagura