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Error while loading ngram

(Alex) #1

Hi everyone,

I have met an error message like that

I don't know where that message throws from and is there anyone can tell me how to fix it.
Thanks everyone,

(Daniel Naber) #2

What version of LT are you using? The stand-alone one or the LibreOffice add-on?

(Alex) #3

I am using the standard-alone version.

(Daniel Naber) #4


The latest one, i.e. 3.7? Could you check what's in your libs folder inside the LT directory? How do you start LT, by clicking the languagetool.jar file I guess?

(Alex) #5

Yes, I start LT by clicking the languagetool.jar file. I think the cause of error is Lucene library. LT used Lucene 5.5.3 and the lastest version of Lucene is 6.5.0.

(Daniel Naber) #6

Yes, but we provide the proper library for that (libs/lucene-backward-codecs.jar), that's why I asked for the contents of your libs folder. With LT 3.7, I cannot reproduce your issue, sorry.

(Alex) #7

Ok, don't bother it. You helped so lots. You answered a lot of my questions. I'm very appreciative.