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Etablish a link between LT and the Breton Verb Conjugator (DVB)

Hi folks,
I hope that you’re getting well,

I’m proud to announce to you that the Breton Verb Conjugator (DVB) is online now at: Displeger verboù brezhonek.

We have been working very hard on it during the last three years and it starts to be quite complete now.

For the moment we are only in a beta version, but new versions are coming soon with new features.

In a few years (perhaps 1/2) we will be abble to propose the all prepositions used by each verb, it will be an enormous work but it will be very important for breton speakers and breton learners too.

So, that’s why I’m writing to you today to ask you that: do you think it could be etablished a link between LT and DVB? A kind of partnership? Perhaps, we could talk about what kind of partnership we could have?

At DVB we could work on the verbs tagging as “transitives verb, …” or even the prepositions used by each verb, …, and you can reuse the datas to increase the breton corrector part of LT?

Instead of redoing twice the same work, we could do once and dispatch it in more than one project.

What do you think?

A galon/Cordialement/Regards
Morvan Pierre
For An Drouizig and DVB,