Exception for brand names with strange punctuation characters

I have to deal with lots of brand names containing punctuation characters, like:

  • toys “Я” us
  • Beef ‘O’ Brady’s
  • Lands’ End
  • YAHOO!
  • CODESYS go!

Now, those brand names which always trigger LanguageTool warnings. Especially annoying is the fact that it thinks the word after the exclamation mark starts a new sentence, triggering lots of false positives.
Is there any way to teach LT to treat such brand names as a single word, including the punctuation characters?

Yes, there is. The words having special characters could be immunized or added as exceptions in the failing rules. The exclamation mark at the end of a name is anuisace, but the occurrences that are followed with a lowercase word could be entered in the segmentation data, deep in the core.

It all start with a list of these special words.