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Exceptions for words ending with apostrophe

Hello guys,
Just found out that LT flags error for words such as doin’,lil’,goin’, etc. Wanted to know how to add these words as exceptions. With a little research, I found that I need to modify disambiguation.xml

</rule> <rule name="Words ending with '" id="APOSTROPHE_ENDING"> <pattern> <token regexp="yes">[a-z']+</token> <marker> <token regexp="yes">[a-z]+'</token> </marker> </pattern> <disambig action="ignore_spelling"/> </rule>
I tried using regular expression [a-z]+' for such words, but this doesn’t work. Can some please point out the mistake. Thank you in advance.

As you can see if you analyze these words here, the apostrophe is in a diferent token.
So you need to write something like:

<token>doin</token> <token spacebefore="no">'</token>

Thanks a lot, that worked for me! :grin: