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Exceptions for words ending with apostrophe

(Aditya) #1

Hello guys,
Just found out that LT flags error for words such as doin’,lil’,goin’, etc. Wanted to know how to add these words as exceptions. With a little research, I found that I need to modify disambiguation.xml

</rule> <rule name="Words ending with '" id="APOSTROPHE_ENDING"> <pattern> <token regexp="yes">[a-z']+</token> <marker> <token regexp="yes">[a-z]+'</token> </marker> </pattern> <disambig action="ignore_spelling"/> </rule>
I tried using regular expression [a-z]+' for such words, but this doesn’t work. Can some please point out the mistake. Thank you in advance.

(jaumeortola) #2

As you can see if you analyze these words here, the apostrophe is in a diferent token.
So you need to write something like:

<token>doin</token> <token spacebefore="no">'</token>

(Aditya) #3

Thanks a lot, that worked for me! :grin: