Excluding/ignoring a word that could lead to a false positive error


I’ve started using the Wordpress Plugin Proofreading in order to aid my authors to spot the errors in their articles.

My language is italian.

Since they’re getting a lot of false positives regarding last names, city names and famous brand names, I thought of putting them in some exclusion list and surround them with some special tags before sending the text to the languagetool api endpoint hoping that the api would ignore them.

A bland idea if not possibile the method above was to replace those names with a normal word such as “tree” before sending the text to the api so that it wouldn’t trigger the error for sure.

What are my options here?

Thank you.

Are you sending to our public server or one you have under control? If the later, you can add words to the spelling.txt file to have them ignored. If you’re sending to our public instance, I’d suggest keeping your own ignore list and just ignore those errors that cover the ignore words and have the rule id of the spell checking rule.

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The plugin connects to https://languagetool.org/api/v2/ so I guess it’s the first case.

So I should implement some sort of post process filtering upon the list of errors generated by the public server to reduce them to only the ones I find it useful to me, is that right?

Yes, exactly.

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Hi @DrLightman! If you have a list with common brand names and cities that should be ignored by the Italien spell checker, maybe you could post it here so that this list is included in LanguageTool

Hello @Knorr I don’t have it yet but when I’ll do I’ll post it here.