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experiencing issues upgrading to LT 5.8 (Java)


we have successfully upgraded language tool from 5.6 to 5.7 but are now unable to further upgrade to 5.8.

When upgrading to 5.8, core classes are no longer found, e.g. classes from org.languagetool.rules.* disappear; for example Rule, RuleMatch, AnnotatedText, all nowhere to be found (also IntelliJ doesn’t find any alternative to it). Language specific classes seems to be still found.

Our only maven dependency is language-all, we work with jdk11 but currently target language level 8 in the project where language tools is used.

We will work with 5.7 for the moment being, but any help/hint in solving this is appreciated.

thank you,

Could you post the output (relevant sections) of mvn dependency:tree? Does it include e.g. languagetool-core?

Thanks for the fast response, languagetool-core 5.8 is included as dependency of the first language, language-ar.

Now this seems more on our side, and also IntelliJ showed the dependency as present but empty.

After checking Maven, we realized we somehow downloaded an empty jar from maven central, or probably failed while trying to.

case solved, thanks for the support!