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(Dagen) #1


I tried to export the German dictionary as described in . Unfortunately I only receive the following error messages:

Fehler: Hauptklasse konnte nicht gefunden oder geladen werden

Ursache: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

Result written to dictionary.dump

Is there a way to fix this? I would really love to get this data for a new project.

Kind regards,

(Daniel Naber) #2

It works for me. The error you get is thrown when LT_PATH in is not correctly set to your LanguageTool directory (the directory that contains e.g. languagetool.jar).

(Dagen) #3

Hello and thank you for your reply. Well I had set it to LT_PATH="~/Downloads/LanguageTool-4.5" . I thought this is correct!?

(Dagen) #4

Obviously it is wrong. I now set it to LT_PATH="…/LanguageTool-4.5" and it worked like a charm. Thank you so much. Sometimes the solution is so easy. Enjoy your week-end.

Kind regards,

(Dagen) #5

Probably this is also an easy answer for you. Is there a list of the “Wortarten-Tags” of this list. SUB, EIG, ADJ, KJ1, … It is difficult to figure all of them out and I am utterly new to this project.

Thank you a lot in advance.

(Daniel Naber) #6

The original documentation for that is at

(Dagen) #7

Vielen Dank, dnaber, für die Unterstützung. Das ist sehr hilfreich. languagetool ist ein klasse Projekt.