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Fail, Inline grammar checking, TexStudio, OS X El Capitan 10.15.5


I have been using TexStudio for a number of years and am very excited to add LanguageTool. I read through the forum, checked out recommended videos.

I have a MacBook (2016) running 10.15.5 OS X El Capitian. Have Java on the machine. Installed LanguageTool (version 3.3). Launched LanguageTool.jar and specified language (American English). Started TexStudio (version 2.11). In Preferences, I clicked on Advanced Options. From Preferences, I selected Editor, Inline Checking. I also selected Language Checking, and put in Server URL: (http://localhost:8081), checked “Start Language Tool is not running” and included the Java and LT information. I restarted TexStudio, the LT logo is present on the bottom bar, running the cursor over it tells me that Language Tool is running. I typed in “i am a example.” in the editor. No highlighted words.

Just to convince myself that I can get LanguageTool to work. I installed the LT extension on FireFox. It works fine.

I am guessing that I forgot to set a switch.

Any help will be very useful.


You’ll probably have a better chance of getting help when asking in the TexStudio forum, as there aren’t many TexStudio experts in this forum I think.

Will do. Thanks for suggestion.

Hi, I have completely same issue. Did you solved it anyhow?