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False positive: In case

In case you’re not going…

LT suggests adding a comma.

LT also suggests the same for this:
Of course we can.

Probably due to the same rule.

I have just fixed this error.

I think there should be a comma after “Of course”:
Separate “interrupter” words like however, nevertheless, yes, no, of course, from the rest of the sentence.

I think the matter is contextual.

A comma wouldn’t seems ok here:

Of course not.

It may be a matter of personal style, but I also wouldn’t put a comma here:

“Are you happy?”
“Of course I’m happy.”

Seems weird to add a comma there, and here

Of course I’ll come to the party.

As I see it, if we would pause as we say it, a comma should be there. Otherwise, no. Seems like we don’t pause if we want to emphasize the “of course”.