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[Feature Request] Desktop app: Add Paste to / Copy text shortcut

First, I’d like to thank you for the development of the LT desktop applications, which partly solves many issues which did stop me (and my customers) from using LT. For example, the missing Microsoft Outlook integration can be partly solved by it (native integration would be much better though!). I, personally, prefer eM client which doesn’t work that well with the LT desktop app yet, but I’m still hoping for future updates to solve these issues.

I’m trying to establish a Stream Deck workflow with the short code toggle command that allows me to open the LT desktop app (CTRL + Q in Windows), make manual changes (automatic corrections would be nice as well!), and on a second press of the same button paste the text back into the application. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be support for the “Paste to” and/or “Copy text” button in the LT desktop app yet.

Additional questions: Is there any roadmap for the desktop applications? Will a Linux version follow? Will the source code of the desktop applications be Open Source as well? Would you consider increasing the 100.000-character limit? (it’s far too low for some of my very active customers)

What about Ctrl + V for pasting and Ctrl + C for copying? Don’t they work for you?

Hello Alexander,
thanks for your questions. Let’s see if I can answer them adequately

We are currently looking at how we can better integrate LanguageTool with other applications like eM Client. At the moment, I can’t communicate a concrete timeframe, but it is high up on our priority list.

Yes, with the next update of the Windows application, both “Paste to” and “Copy text” will also be triggerable via shortcut.

Regarding the other questions:

  • For the near future, we have no plans to open source our desktop clients, as they are all based on the editor, which is closely tied to our own account system.
  • We will first focus on further refining our clients for Windows and macOS before working on a Linux port.
  • The 100,000 character limit is currently in place to ensure a smooth and reliable user experience. We’ll likely increase that limit in the future if we’re confident it won’t impact the performance of the product.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your feedback and for using LanguageTool :slight_smile:

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Sure they do, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. :slight_smile:

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your detailed answer. I’m looking forward to your updates and will definitely recommend the desktop client when those limitations (and some bugs I experienced after using “Paste to”, with modifier keys being “locked in”) are waived.

Best regards