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Features of LT on LibreOffice 7.4

Hi everybody,
I have LanguageTool on LibreOffice 7.4 and it works. I configured it with the public server, left the username and password fields free. Server:
It works.
I have the possibility to

  1. install an own server
  2. buy a premium account and add that data to username/passwort

I do not understand which features are the benefits. The ui on libreoffice seems restricted compared to the one in firefox. So: do I have all the additional features of the premium account also in libreoffice? I could pay the 5 bucks a month, but i cannot test without buying.

And: What are the benefits of the own server, except that my texts are not sent over the internet to another server. Thats of course a benefit. But are there other features/possible extensions etc?

I cannot find any documentation to these questions, so if anybody is informed, I would be grateful.


You’ll basically get a more thorough error checking for the languages that have a Premium version (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch). The UI stays the same, so some advanced features like rephrasing will not be accessible from LO.

I can’t think of any other benefits. A local server might be a bit faster because there’s no network overhead, but I guess it’s hardly noticeable.