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Find singular and plural error in sentence

(thiru) #1


I have to add the rule for finding singular and plural error in sentence.

For example1:

Wrong Sentence:

The man are reading a book.

Here the" man" is singular , “are” is plural.

Correct Sentence :

The men are reading a book.
The men is reading a book.

For example2:

Wrong Sentence:

It is found that the surface morphology of TFMGs were very smooth with a compact and dense microstructure.

Here the “were” is plural ,“it” singular

Correct Sentence :

It is found that the surface morphology of TFMGs was very smooth with a compact and dense microstructure.

please advice how to add rule for singular plural grammar error.


(Daniel Naber) #2

Please have a look at - there are already rules like that in the English grammar.xml, you can find them by searching for “chunk=”.

(thiru) #3

can you please give me the rule for first example.

wrong sentence:

The man are reading a book.

correct sentence:

The man is reading a book.

this is the analyzed text for above example

[ The[the/DT,B-NP-singular] man[man/NN:UN,E-NP-singular] are[be/VBP,B-VP] reading[read/VBG,I-VP] a[a/DT,B-NP-singular] book[book/NN,E-NP-singular].[./.,


based on this

man[man/NN:UN,E-NP-singular] ----

i have to create the rule like above…

please advice with sample rule for above example.


(Daniel Naber) #4
    <token chunk="B-NP-singular"></token>
    <token chunk="I-NP-singular" min="0"></token>
    <token chunk="E-NP-singular"></token>

(thiru) #5

sorry for interrupting you.

the information given by you very useful.
it’s worked fine.

the tool is not identify the second sentence error.

It is found that the surface morphology of TFMG were very smooth with a compact and dense microstructure.

here “were” is wrong

analyzed text format

[ It[it/PRP,B-NP-singular|E-NP-singular] is[be/VBZ,B-VP] found[find/VBN,I-VP] that[that/DT,that/RP,that/WDT,that/WP,B-SBAR] the[the/DT,B-NP-singular] surface[surface/JJ,I-NP-singular] morphology[morphology/NN:U,E-NP-singular] of[of/IN,B-PP] TFMG[TFMG/null,B-NP-singular|E-NP-singular] were[be/VBD,B-VP] very[very/JJ,very/RB,B-ADJP] smooth[smooth/JJ,smooth/VB,smooth/VBP,I-ADJP] with[with/IN,with/RP,B-PP] a[a/DT,B-NP-singular] compact[compact/JJ,compact/NN,compact/VB,compact/VBP,I-NP-singular] and[and/CC,I-NP-singular] dense[dense/JJ,I-NP-singular] microstructure[microstructure/NN,E-NP-singular].[./.,


i add the rule like you advice.

<rule id="SPS_LE_Rule1" name="use was">    
					<token chunk="B-NP-singular"></token>
					<token chunk="I-NP-singular" min="0"></token>
					<token chunk="E-NP-singular"></token>
                <message>You should probably use was</message>
                <example correction="were" type="incorrect">The man <marker>were</marker> reading a book.</example>
                <example type="correct">The man <marker>was</marker> reading a book.</example>

but it’s not identify.

am i missing anything?

please advice.

(Daniel Naber) #6

As documented on, the chunking doesn’t always work 100% correctly. As in this case, where “of TFMG” is not recognized as part of the larger noun phrase “the surface morphology of TFMG”.